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MySQL Server Variables  

There are some users who do not use the Open Dental Installer (Trial Version) to install MySQLWe only support MySQL 5.5 in our installer. Any other versions of MySQL are not supported by Open Dental and may cause problems with your database. In addition, MySQL must be installed using the myISAM default engine, not InnoDb.

If you do not use the installer provided by Open Dental, you may end up with extra server variables as part of the installation.  MySQL server variables are stored in the my.ini file that is part of the installation process.  If you do not use our installer, you will tend to get a variety of errors.  Errors will also tend to happen during an update process, corrupting the database.

If you are not sure if MySQL server variables are the problem, look at this file:
C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\my.ini
It should look like the examples in my.ini.


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