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Images Module Preferences 

Here you can set default options and settings for the Images module. 

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Images, Images Preferences or Setup, Module Preferences, Images tab.

These options determine the default setting for the document tree (expanded or collapsed). There are three options; choose one.

  • Expand the document tree each time the Images module is visited: Every time the Images module is opened, tree view is expanded to show all documents in each folder.
  • Document tree collapses when patient changes: Each time a user switches patients, tree view is collapsed to show only folders, not the documents within.
  • Document tree folders persistent expand/collapse per user: Whether folders are expanded or collapsed is based on the user's last view. If a specific folder is marked as 'Expanded by default' in Definitions, Image Categories, it will always be expanded, unless the user has manually collapsed it.

Note: Images Module Preferences changed in version 16.1. When updating to version 16.1 or greater, if 'Document tree collapses when patient changes' was previously unchecked, the new preference 'Document tree folders persistent expand/collapse per user' will be selected by default. Settings can be changed at any time.


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