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Mobile Web

Mobile Web, powered by PatientViewer, is a read-only eService that allows you to connect to your Open Dental database using a supported internet browser.  The data remains on your server and is provided real-time with no syncing required. Its design is intended for use on mobile devices. It is a paid service and you must be on support and have an active registration key. 

Sign up: In version 17.1 and greater, use the Signup Portal. For earlier versions, contact Open Dental.

Try the Demo: From any mobile device, in your mobile browser type https://www.patientviewer.com/mdemo.html.

Fees: See Fees for Software, Support, and Services.


  • View your appointment schedule and appointment details.
  • Call or email patients from the app by pressing the phone number or email address.
  • Searchable list of all patients.
  • Access patient details including contact information, appointments, allergies, and prescriptions.
  • Alphabetical list of pharmacies with contact information. 

Setup: Mobile Web Setup

Use: Using the Mobile Web



Webinar: Mobile Web

For a list of supported browsers, see Computer Requirements. Below is a list of browsers and devices not currently supported for Mobile Web:

  • Firefox desktop and mobile browser
  • IE desktop browser (all versions before Edge)
  • Windows phones


Open Dental Software 1-503-363-5432