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Mobile Web

Mobile Web is an eService that allows you to connect to your Open Dental database any time, any where, using a supported internet browser and your mobile device. The data remains on your server and is provided real-time with no syncing required. Mobile Web is a paid service. You must be on support and have an active registration key.

New to Version 17.2:
Additional features in Mobile Web allow you to schedule, delete, and move appointments all from your mobile device in real time. Your data moves seamlessly from your mobile device to your database so you never have to manually sync data.

Add, delete, and move appointments in your appointment schedule.
Set appointment and confirmation status, appointment type, and appointment notes.
View and select operatories.

Additional features:

  • View your appointment schedule and appointment details.
  • Call or email patients from the app by pressing the phone number or email address.
  • Searchable list of all patients.
  • Access patient details including contact information, appointments, allergies, and prescriptions.
  • Alphabetical list of pharmacies with contact information. 

Sign up and Set up: See Mobile Web: Sign up and Set up.

  • Signup: In version 17.1 and greater, use the eServices Signup Portal. For all other versions, contact Open Dental. Fees for Software, Support, and Services
  • Setup: Verify that security settings meet requirements.

Use Mobile Web


For a list of supported browsers, see Computer Requirements. Below is a list of browsers and devices not currently supported for Mobile Web:

  • Firefox desktop and mobile browser
  • IE desktop browser (all versions before Edge)
  • Windows phones


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