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Lighthouse 360 - Conversion Q & A

Lighthouse 360 provides patient communication services to Open Dental users as well as to users of other dental software products.  See Supplemental Services - Communication

Lighthouse used to provide general support for Practice Works users but now focuses on their Lighthouse 360 product instead.  They are referring their current Practice Works users to Open Dental for consideration of a possible replacement dental software. Common questions and answers about using Lighthouse with Open Dental are addressed below.  See Conversions for more details.

Q: Will my Lighthouse product function as well with Open Dental as with Practice Works?
A:  Yes, most of the Lighthouse360 functionality is PM software independent, but Open Dental users will actually have some additional features because the data is more accessible to Lighthouse360.  Open Dental encourages rather than discourages the use of added value products like Lighthouse360.

Q:  What are some top reasons to move from Practice Works to Open Dental?
A:  Open Dental adds new features frequently, offers great customer support, and data is available for query via a relational database.  The best reason is that Open Dental is, in a sense, owned by the dental community. Because of the way Open Dental is licensed, users will always have choices for support because the source code is open source and other independent companies can support the software.  This keeps the pressure on us at Open Dental to continue adding improvements and providing quality support to our customers.

Q:  If I choose to convert my data from Practice Works, what is the conversion process?
A: We can provide a free test data conversion so you can verify data first.  When satisfied, schedule a final conversion.  For fees and a list of what is included in the conversion, see Data Conversion Fees.  Contact us with questions: 503-363-5432.

Q:  Will my Lighthouse generated reports be converted? 
A:  No, but we will make an effort to address each report, and Brian plans to send these reports to us to analyze and duplicate if it is reasonable.  Open Dental also publishes over 500 free custom reports (see Query Examples.)  Additional custom reports can be requested; see Fees for cost information.  Minor changes are often free.  We also publish our data schema so experience SQL authors can write their own reports, and include tools for writing simple patient information queries ad hoc.

Q:  Will I be able to do automation like I can with Practice Works?
A:  Open Dental has some automation, but there are not as many triggers and actions as with Practice Works.  Currently, there are four triggers and five actions with various conditions that can be set up.  If you really need more automation, you would have to make a Feature Request.  If Lighthouse customers voted as a block, it is possible a feature such as this could make the top of the list and be added in short order.

Q:  Can I get a demo?
A:  Yes, call 503-363-5432.  We also have a brief demo available at Open Dental Software Demo.htm.  To test out Open Dental, install the Trial version, then explore our free Webinars.

Q:   I have many more questions, like can I add my own custom procedure codes (yes you can).  Why are those questions not here?
A:  We have made this page short and selected questions that are specific to Lighthouse or Practice Works.  We encourage you to call us or explore our website for answers to additional questions.


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