Writing and Transmitting Legacy eRx Prescriptions

To write and transmit an electronic prescription in the Legacy eRx interface, follow the steps below.

Note: For prescriptions to count towards the numerator in EHR Measure Reports, the user logged on to Open Dental must be a provider with an EHR key.

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  1. In the Chart Module, click eRx. Internet Explorer will open with the Compose Rx tab selected. If you do not see the interface, check the task bar to ensure that Internet Explorer is the focus.
  2. In the Drug Search field, enter the medication name, then click Drug Search.

    All matching results will display. If using the comprehensive version and you have attached an insurance formulary to this patient, formulary status appears in the first column. Click a formulary link to see therapeutic alternatives. See Legacy eRx Drug Formulary Checks.

  3. Click on the medication name to select it.

    If using comprehensive, monograph, leaflet and patient education links show at the top. Click to access.Once you select the drug, the system will check for severe drug-drug or drug-allergy Interactions and display an alert if applicable. To change medications, close the alert, then cancel and delete the order. Then repeat step 2 - 3.

    The medication will be in a pending status.

  4. Some information may automatically populate. Edit as needed. Frequency must always be selected. You may need to scroll up or down to find the correct dosage or frequency value.

    Note: To save this medication to the doctor's Favorites List, check the box labeled Save this sig and add to Doctor's List.

  5. Click Save Rx.
  6. Review the current medication order for accuracy.
    • To make changes, click EDIT.
    • To remove the entire order, click [X].
    • To add another medication, repeat steps 2 - 4.
  7. When you are finished entering medications, click Take Complete Rx to Review Page to proceed with the transmission.
  8. When using Legacy eRx comprehensive, the system will check for interactions with current medications, allergies, and diagnoses and display applicable alerts. See Legacy eRx Drug-Drug, Drug-Allergy Interaction Checks. If necessary, edit medications.
  9. When you are satisfied with the medications entered, there are several options:
    • Print Rx/Add to Current Meds: Print selected prescription(s) and save the medication to the eRx list of current medications.
    • Transmit Rx: Proceed with transmitting selected prescription(s) electronically.
    • Return / Additional Rx: Create another prescription.
  10. If you choose to transmit the prescription, the Transmit Rx window shows. Select the pharmacy to send the prescription to.

    If prescribing a controlled substance, select a pharmacy denoted with a C on the green dot. These pharmacies can handle the electronic transmission of controlled substances.

  11. For non-controlled substances, click Transmit Rx/Add to Record to transmit the prescription For controlled substances:
    1. Click Get one time passcode.
    2. Enter your Verizon UIS user name, password and click Login. If you forgot your user name/password and need recovery, call Open Dental support.
    3. Select the one-time passcode (OTP) device you want to receive the passcode on.
    4. Enter the OTP and click Submit.
    5. Click Allow to sign the prescription for authorization purposes.

The completed prescription will automatically copy to the patient's medication list and Progress Notes when you do one of the following:

Discontinued medications: When a medication is marked as discontinued in Legacy eRx, the medication will also be marked discontinued (Stop Date entered) in Open Dental when the Chart module is refreshed.

EHR users: Check to make sure RxNorms are attached to medications.

Periodically check for rejected prescriptions so no prescriptions slip through the cracks.

To electronically prescribe controlled substances you must go through additional identity proofing and set up two-factor verification.