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Kiosk:  What the Patient Sees 

When a Kiosk is Launched, the first form (Kiosk order of 1) will show.  The kiosk takes up the entire screen, so patients have no access to any other programs on the computer, including Windows features such as task bars. Below is an example of a form as it might appear in the kiosk.

  • Pale yellow areas indicate where the patient should enter information.
  • Free form drawing is possible.  The Eraser tool can be used to erase drawn items.
  • To close one form and move to the next, patient will click OK.
  • Patient's can sign in signature boxes. 

When the last form is completed or user clicks Cancel, this screen will show.

  • To edit or revise a form, double click to reopen.
  • When forms are complete, patient will click Done. The forms will disappear, but the kiosk will remain active. 

To deactivate and close the kiosk, see Launching the Kiosk.


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