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Insurance Answers Plus  

Open Dental can bridge to the desktop version of Insurance Answers Plus (IAP): www.insuranceanswersplus.com. IAP is currently only available in some states. Contact them for exact locational availability.

Here are the installation instructions.

  1. Install Open Dental. Make sure you are on Open Dental version 7.0.41 or later.
  2. Install IAPlus. Make sure you are on version 10 (unknown whether it works for versions greater than 10; 11/17/2011)
  3. Copy iaplus10.dll  from your IAPlus installation directory (usually C:\IAPlus) to your C:\Program Files\Open Dental\  folder.

Once you have installed the program, enable the Program Link in Open Dental. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Program Links. Double click on Insurance Answers Plus. Check the Enabled box, verify the Path of file to open, then click OK. The IAP button will appear on the Edit Insurance Plan window.

Try running OD as administrator.
A common error is "File not found..."  Check all three steps above to resolve this error.


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