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Bridge - HouseCalls 

TeleVox's HouseCalls delivers automatic appointment reminders.  Website: http://www.televox.com/healthcare/dental-ortho/automated-messaging/about/

To activate the bridge, in the Main Menu, click Setup, Program Links. Double click on Housecalls in the list. Check the Enabled box, then verify the Additional Properties.  Click OK. You will now have a button in your Chart module labeled 'HouseCalls'.

You can make the HouseCalls button show in as many of the main modules as you want by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking in the list at the left.

There are two properties you can edit in the middle of the window. Double click to edit. The first lets you choose between passing the PatNum or the ChartNumber when exporting data. The second is the path where the data will be exported to. The data is always exported to a file called Appt.txt in the path specified. The file is a simple comma-delimited text file which has the following columns:

FirstName (or we substitute Preferred Name if exists)
PatientNumber (Can be PatNum or ChartNumber, depending on what user selected)
SendEmail (this will be true if email address exists.r)
Address2 (although they did not offer this as an option)
ApptReason (procedures descriptions-user can't edit)
DoctorNumber (for the Doctor, we currently use the patient primary provider. Otherwise, we would run into trouble with appointments assigned to a specific hygeinist.)

When you click on the HouseCalls button, you get to select a date range of appointments to confirm:

Then, click OK to create the text file. The HouseCalls software will upload the text file sometime in the middle of the night.


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