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Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

Generally Federally Qualified Health Centers provide medical services, and sometimes they perform dental services. Open Dental can work for certain FQHCs that perform dental services.

Current Features:

  • EHR-certified 2014 Edition. Generally you will use your medical software to attest for EHR and Open Dental for dental charting only. Other situations are possible. Please call us to discuss.
  • X12 837I: Institutional E-claims.  Version 5010 only. 
  • HL7 Protocols: for interfacing with medical software.
  • UDS Report for Sealant Measure (see below)

We are working to implement the features below:

  • More UDS Reports
  • Tracking certain outcomes.
  • Bill by an encounter rate: Individual procedures do not currently roll up to an encounter rate.
  • Referral Tracking: While we do have very good referral tracking for ordinary dental offices, we do not yet have a good built-in report that would show which procedures had been followed up on and which had not, according to TJC requirements.  For now, this would be a custom query.

UDS Reports
Typically dental procedures are sent to the medical EHR, and thus the medical EHR should be used as the primary data source for UDS reporting to prevent duplication of patients. If you would like to request a UDS report for your dental patients, we can add reports using your specific use case for development. Contact us and escalate your call or email to our management team. Information about UDS reporting for Federally Qualified Health Centers can be found here: www.hrsa.gov.

UDS FQHC sealant measure report
We have one built in UDS report for the FQHC sealant measure (version 17.1). It replaces Query 1092.

  • Total Denominator: Total number of patients in the report year who were 6 - 9 years of age, had at least one oral assessment or periodic oral evaluation (completed D0120, D0145, D0150, D0180, or D0191), and who are at moderate to high risk for caries (have a completed D0602 or D0603.)
  • Total Numerator: Total number of patients in denominator who have a permanent sealant on a first molar.
  • Total Percentage Met: The percentage of patients who have a permanent sealant on a first molar.

Note: Report results exclude children who have molars that are decayed, filled, currently sealed, or unerupted/missing (has a specific set of filling or sealant procedure codes.)

To run the report:

  1. In the main menu, click Reports, Standard.
  2. Under 'Public Health' Reports, click 'FQHC Dental Sealant Measure'.

  1. Enter the year to report on.
  2. Click OK to generate the report.


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