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New York - Electronic Prescribing

New York's i-STOP ePrescribing mandate for controlled and non-controlled substances (EPCS) became effective 3/27/2016. See http://open.nysenate.gov/legislation/bill/S2486-2015

Each individual practitioner, not the software vendor, is required by regulation to register their certified EPCS software application with BNE. See https://www.health.ny.gov/professionals/narcotic/electronic_prescribing/ for more compliance information.

Below is information that may be useful when registering Open Dental:

  • Copy of third party audit letter approving Open Dental for e-prescribing of controlled substances:  EPCS Certification Letter.pdf
  • Name of the company providing the certified EPCS software application: Open Dental
  • Name of the certified EPCS software application: Open Dental Software using NewCropRx Core 13 software prescribing application
  • Version number of the certified EPCS software application: current stable version

EHR providers in New York must sign up for the comprehensive version of eRx so that drug interaction checks and formulary checks are enabled when orders are created. Because the state requires e-prescribing, you will not qualify for the exclusion even if you write few prescriptions. See EHR: E-Prescribing.


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