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Legacy eRx Interaction Checks 

In Legacy eRx - Comprehensive version, Drug-Drug and Drug-Allergy Interaction Checks are automated. You must contact Open Dental to turn on this feature.

  • Drug-Drug:  Prescriptions are checked against current and pending medications listed on the Compose Rx page. 
  • Drug-Allergy: Prescriptions are compared to patient allergies listed on the Compose Rx page. 

At this time, the patient's allergy and medication list in Open Dental is not passed to eRx.  If an allergy or medication is not listed, see Adding Legacy eRx Allergies or Adding Legacy eRx Medications

Allergy & Severe/Contraindicated Interactions
When searching for, then selecting a drug in Legacy eRx, the system automatically checks for allergy and contraindicated/most severe interactions. The alert looks like this:

To cancel the order of a medication that has triggered an interaction alert:

  1. Close the alert.  The medication will still be "pending".
  2. Click Cancel in the middle of the screen.
  3. The medication will still be listed in the Pending Rx area.  Click [X] to delete it.

All Interactions
If the system is set to check for all interactions, regardless of severity level, a summary of all interactions (drug-drug, drug-allergy, drug-disease) will show on the Review page.  Click More Info to view complete information on a potential interaction.

  • Contraindicated appears in red and indicates a predictably severe consequence of concurrent use of two drugs.
  • Severe appears in yellow and indicates action may be required to reduce the risk of adverse reaction.
  • Moderate appears in yellow and generally indicates a need to adjust medications.


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