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Doctor's List in Legacy eRx

In the Legacy eRx interface you can create a list of frequently prescribed medications. This list is called the Doctor's List or Drug List. 

Add a Medication to the Doctor's List

  1. On the Compose Rx tab, type the first few letters of a brand or generic name and click Drug Search.
  2. In the results, click on a blue link to select the drug tablet size or formulation.
  3. On the Pending Rx window, enter the sig. In the middle of the window, check the box called 'Save this sig and add to Doctor's List'. 


  1. Click Save Rx and then proceed with Writing the Prescription.

Select a Medication from the Doctor's List

  1. On the Compose Rx tab, click Doctor's List. A new section will show on the window listing the provider's Favorites List.

  1. Click a blue link to select the drug then proceed with writing the prescription.

To remove a drug, check the box next to it, then click Remove from List.


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