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Electronic Rx (eRx)

eRx is an internet-based, secure, electronic prescribing system. eRx only works in the United States and its territories, including Puerto Rico. 


  • Valid Open Dental registration key. The key must be active to enable eRx (currently on support).
  • Internet Explorer.
  • A high-speed connection for efficient use (cable, DSL, etc.).
eRx Basic version (see eRx Features) $15/prescribing provider/month/location
eRx Comprehensive version (see eRx Features) $40/prescribing provider/month/location
Identity Proofing (Required by SureScripts for all providers)
$45/provider (one-time fee)
Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) $150/prescribing provider/year (12 months)

For all eRx issues (identity proofing, passwords, support, signup) contact Open Dental Support only.

Billing Details:

  • Provider identity proofing fees will be added to your next statement.
  • Monthly fees are billed in advance and appear on your statement the month after you first access eRx or use any feature in the interface.
  • The EPCS fee of $150 is paid via PayPal to SureScripts during the registration process.
  • If one provider uses eRx-Comprehensive, all other providers within the same database who use eRx will also be charged the comprehensive fee.
  • If you ever stop using eRx, contact Open Dental support to cancel or monthly fees will continue.

EHR: Providers in the EHR Incentive program should only use eRx Comprehensive version because EHR Modified Stage 2 requires drug interaction and drug formulary checks to be enabled for the entire reporting period. See EHR: E-Prescribing and EHR: Clinical Decision Support.

Get Started
Contact Open Dental support. We will activate the service and walk you through identity proofing and credentialing.

  • The provider must be present during the call and should allocate ~30 minutes of uninterrupted time. Open Dental will not assist with setup if the provider is not present.
  • Enter required information in Open Dental prior to the call. See Required Information.
  • The following documentation will be needed for credentialing so have it ready.
  • It will take approximately 2 business days to approve credentials.

EPCS: EPCS sign up requires additional steps after identity proofing and credentialing have been approved and validated. Contact support for assistance.




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