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Legacy eRx

In versions 17.4 and greater, eRx Basic and Comprehensive are referred to as Legacy. For more options, visit Electronic Prescribing.

For all eRx issues (identity proofing, passwords, support, signup) contact Open Dental Support only.


  • Valid Open Dental registration key. The key must be active to enable eRx (currently on support).
  • Internet Explorer.
  • A high-speed connection for efficient use (cable, DSL, etc.).

Billing Details:

  • Provider identity proofing fees will be added to your next statement.
  • Monthly fees are billed in advance and appear on your statement the month after you first access eRx or use any feature in the interface.
  • The EPCS fee of $150 is paid via PayPal to SureScripts during the registration process.
  • If one provider uses eRx-Comprehensive, all other providers within the same database who use eRx will also be charged the comprehensive fee.
  • If you ever stop using eRx, contact Open Dental support to cancel or monthly fees will continue.

EHR: Providers in the EHR Incentive program should only use eRx Comprehensive version because EHR Modified Stage 2 requires drug interaction and drug formulary checks to be enabled for the entire reporting period. See EHR: E-Prescribing and EHR: Clinical Decision Support.

Get Started
Contact Open Dental support. We will activate the service and walk you through identity proofing and credentialing.

  • The provider must be present during the call and should allocate ~30 minutes of uninterrupted time. Open Dental will not assist with setup if the provider is not present.
  • Enter required information in Open Dental prior to the call. See Required Information.
  • The following documentation will be needed for credentialing so have it ready.
  • It will take approximately 2 business days to approve credentials.

EPCS: EPCS sign up requires additional steps after identity proofing and credentialing have been approved and validated. Contact support for assistance.




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