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EHR: RxNorms

RxNorm is a normalized naming system for generic and branded drugs. Drug names include active ingredients, strength, and form. All medications in your Medication Master List must have an RxNorm assigned for Medication Reconciliation, Clinical Decision Support Interventions, and Open Dental's Drug Interaction Alerts to work correctly. This will also ensure a patient's medications show on clinical documents, e.g. Continuity of Care documents (CCDs).

RxNorms import automatically from the Medication Master List upon attempting to assign an RxNorm, if they are not already imported. To manually import RxNorms see Code System Import

Once imported, RxNorms can be viewed via the EHR Setup window, or assigned to medications in the Medication Master List using a pick list [...].

Search for the drug, highlight it, then click OK.

  • Code or Description: Enter the code or description. Click Clear to clear the field. Click Similar to return all results that closely match; click Exact to only return results that exactly match all entered text. 
  • Ignore Numbers: Only search letters found in descriptions and ignore any numbered measurements.
  • Code: The RxNorm code.
  • InMedList: An X in this column indicates that the RxNorm is in use in the Medication Master List.
  • MedCount: Numbers in this column indicate the number of patients who have this medication prescribed.
  • Description: A description of the RxNorm.
  • None: Remove the RxNorm for the drug selected in the Medication Master List.


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