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EHR: Education Resources 

For EHR, education resources means using a certified EHR technology to identify and provide patient-specific education materials based on problems, medications, or lab results.  This is a menu measure in Stage 1, and a core measure in Stage 2.  To set up resources, see Set up Education Resources.

Measure Calculation:  The provider percentage is calculated using the following logic:

  • Denominator: All unique patients with at least one completed procedure by the provider during the reporting period.
  • Numerator: Of those, the patients who were provided patient-specific education resources.

Exclusions:  There are no exclusions available for this measure in stage 1.  In stage 2, an exclusion is available if a provider meets the criteria.  See Stage 2 Core Measures or Patient-Specific Education Resources Spec Sheet (PDF).

Provide Education Resources
1.  On the EHR Dashboard, click Provide education resources.

Alll education resources triggered based on this patient's Problems, Medications, or Lab Results are listed under Educational Resources. 

2.  Click on a link to view a resource.  It will open in a browser window. 

3.  Click Print to print the resource.  A dated log entry will list under Education Provided and the numerator will increase in Measure Calculations.


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