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Import Code Systems

Several systems for medical and procedural coding can be imported into Open Dental and then attached to patient information. Coding systems allow a consistent way to organize, index, store, and retrieve clinical data between providers and care sites. EHR must be turned on in Show Features to access this area.

EHR: Some data must be associated with a specific code to be recognized in Measure Calculations, or to show in clinical documents. We recommend importing all code systems. At a minimum, import RxNorms, SNOMED CT, and LOINC codes, since these code systems are used often in EHR data. CPT codes are not required for EHR and must be purchased separately.

  1. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Chart, EHR, then Code System Importer. 
  2. Click Check for Updates. A list of code systems available for import will list.

Code System: The code system name. A description of each is below.
Current Version: If you have downloaded a coding system, the version downloaded shows.
Available Version: The latest version of the coding system available to download. 
Download Status: Indicates the status of download and the number of codes imported.

  1. Select the code system(s) to import. Click and drag, or press Ctrl while clicking to select multiple systems. 
  2. (optional) To retain previously downloaded code descriptions, check the Keep old descriptions box. To replace old descriptions with new, uncheck the box.
  3. Click Download Updates. 
  4. If there are licensing agreements, they will display prior to import. Click OK to agree to licensing terms and proceed; click [X] to cancel the import.

It may take a several minutes for the data to download. As the download progresses, the status will show in the Download Status column. When the import is complete, a message will indicate success. The download is not complete until the message shows.

Available Coding Systems
Currently the following coding systems can be downloaded.

Name Description Codes/Database Size Where used
CDCREC CDC Race and Ethnicity Set. 966 codes
CQMs, Demographics
Current Procedural Terminology
9830 codes
.8 MB
Optional for EHR.  If used, will show in Clinical Summaries and Summaries of Care (for validation), CQMs.  CPT Codes must be purchased from the American Medical Association Store separately in data file format. If you have purchased the file, click OK to locate the file on your computer. See CPT Codes
CVX   159 codes
Vaccine data export
HCPCS Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System 5951 codes 
Procedure CodesCQMs
ICD-9-CM International Classification of Diseases 9th revision 21211 codes
Procedures, Problems, Claims, Drug-Problem interaction checks, CQMs, Syndromic Surveillance
ICD-10 International Classification of Diseases 10th revision 79502 codes 
Procedures, Problems, Syndromic Surveillance, Clinical Summaries, Summaries of Care, Claims, CQMs
LOINC Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes 72624 codes 
CQMs, Laboratory Orders, Radiology Orders, Clinical Summaries, Summaries of Care, Syndromic Surveillance, Vaccines (validation)
RXNORM A normalized naming system for generic and branded drugs.  391275 codes  34.9MB  Medications (every medication should be associated with an RxNorm), Prescriptions, CQMs
SNOMED CT Systemized Nomenclature of Medication Clinical Terms 401068 codes36.4MB  Problems (every problem should be attached to a SNOMED CT code), CQMs, Procedures (Medical tab)
SOP Systems of Payment. 145 codes
CQMs.  See Payor Types.
UCUM Unified Code for Units of Measure.  557
CQMs, Laboratory Orders, Syndromic Surveillance, Vaccines
  TOTAL 97.7MB  



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