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Electronic Attachments

Attachments to claims and pre-authorizations must happen outside of Open Dental. Contact your clearinghouse for their preferred attachment method. Below are some known solutions.

Claim Connect
Claim Connect has their own attachment service. Contact Claim Connect for information. Attachments are added through your DentalXChange login. Claim Connect will alert you if a claim requires an attachment by placing it under the "Claims Needing Attachment" section.

NEA Fast Attach
For NEA FastAttach registration and download see http://www.nea-fast.com/.

NEA with Claim Connect: Have NEA running in the background. If Claim Connect determines that the carrier requires an attachment for the claim, they will notify NEA FastAttach.


  • Claim Connect sends the claim info to the NEA server and receives back an NEA#.  The NEA# is inserted into the claim.
  • The next time you open the NEA client program, it synchs with the NEA server and displays a list of claims that are awaiting attachments.  You then need to upload the attachments to the NEA client program.

NEA with other clearinghouses: NEA can be used with other clearinghouses but you will often have to double enter claim information. After uploading the images, copy/paste the NEA# into the Claim Note field on the Edit Claim window (enter the number first e.g. NEA#1234532 other notes go after the number.)


  • You must set up the patient in NEA Fast Attach in order to receive notifications.
  • Attachments are managed at the clearinghouse level if required by the carrier. If you are not notified that an attachment is needed, contact the clearinghouse or carrier. Open Dental is only a place to record attachment information.

Referencing Attachments in Open Dental
To note an attachment to a claim for information purposes, open the claim in Open Dental. You will see an Attachments tab. This tab is for informational purposes only.


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