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Definition Descriptions 

Definitions control background, text, and notification colors; list and type options; and categories used throughout Open Dental. Below is an explanation of each definition and what it controls. Click the Category link for set up instructions and more details.

Category What it Controls
Account Colors

Text color of different entry types in the Patient Account.

Account Procs Quick Add The list of items (and associated procedure codes) that can be quickly added to the patient account using the Quick Procs drop down in the Account module (e.g. toothpaste, toothbrush).
Adj Types The options that show as additions and subtractions on the Adjustment window and the Bad Debt Adjustment types in Account Module Preferences.
Appointment Colors

Colors used in the appointments schedule. 

Appt Confirmed

The Confirmed status options available for appointments, and associated colors. Determines the the color of the circle that shows in appointments when an appointment view is set to show ConfirmedColor.

Appt Procs Quick Add The procedure combinations listed in the Quick Add list on the Edit Appointment window.
Auto Note Categories The available auto note categories. Set up structured folder trees for auto notes.
Billing Types The billing types available as billing options.
Blockout Types The types of blockouts available, and associated text and background colors.
Chart Graphic Colors

Colors used on the Graphical Tooth Chart. Procedure status colors appear as choices on the Chart module, draw tab.

Claim Custom Tracking Custom tracking options that appear in the Edit Claim window, Status tab (e.g. hold, missing info, processing).
Claim Payment Tracking The Payment Tracking options available on the Edit Claim window, Procedures area (e.g. Rejected).
Claim Payment Groups Determines the Payment Group options when Entering a Claim Payment. Typically used by large enterprise organizations who have multiple people entering payments at once. The Daily Payments report can be filtered by claim payment group.
Commlog Types Type options on the Commlog screen. Changes affect all current commlog entries.
In the second column you can optionally set the default commlog type for certain situations. Assign one default per type. If more than one default is set, the program will default to the matching item that is closest to the top of the list. If no default is set, the program will default to the first item listed.
APPT: The default commlog type when Comm is clicked on the Edit Appointment window. This type will also be highlighted yellow in the Communications Log area, making it easy to see appointment commlogs at a glance.
FIN: Not used in the program.
RECALL: The default commlog type when commlog entries are entered from the Recall List.
MISC: The default commlog type when commlog entries are entered via the main Toolbar.
TEXT: The default commlog type when Text Messages are sent.
Contact Categories Category options for Contacts. Changes affect all current contact records. The category at the top of the list is the default.
Diagnosis Diagnosis options available when entering a Procedure or Entering Treatment. The abbreviation is shown in the progress notes. Move frequently used options to the top of the list; move lesser used options to the bottom. BE VERY CAREFUL. Changes affect all patients.
Fee Colors Set colors used in the Procedure Code List to indicate global fee schedule fees vs provider-specific fees vs clinic-specific fees vs provider/clinic-specific fees.
Image Categories

Select options for categories/folders in the Images module (tree view).

Insurance Payment Types Payment Type options available when entering an insurance payment.
Insurance Verification Status Verification status options used by the Insurance Verification List. The default options are Attempted and See Notes.
Letter Merge Cats Categories for Letter Merge. You can safely make any changes. The option at the top of the list is the default.
Misc Colors Family Module Coverage: Background color of insurance subscriber information in the Family module.
Perio bleeding, supperation, plaque, calculus: Colors that identify each item in the Perio chart.
Chart Module Medical: Background color of medical information in the Patient Info area of the Chart module.
Chart Today's Procs: Background color for today's procedures in the Chart module.
Commlog Appt Related: Background color of comm log entries on the Edit Appointment window
Family Module Referral: Background color of Referred To/Referred From cells in the Patient Information area of the Family module.
Payment Types Payment Type options when entering a Patient Payment. Changes affect all patients. The option at the top of the list is the default.
PaySplit Unearned Types Options in the Unearned Type dropdown on Edit Payment Split window. Changes affect all patients. Prepayment is always an option.
Proc Button Categories Categories used to group Procedure Buttons. The category at the top of the list is the default.
Proc Code Categories Categories used to group Procedure Codes. They do not have to follow ADA categories. There is no relationship to Insurance Categories. Changes do not affect any patient records.
Prog Notes Colors Text and background colors for various Progress Notes entry types in the Chart module. If you make changes, you may want to change the Chart Graphic Colors to match.
Prognosis Prognosis options when entering a Procedure or Entering Treatment in the Chart module.
Provider Specialties Customize the list of Specialities that show in Edit Provider window and Edit Referral window. Options cannot be deleted and changes may affect e-claims.
Recall/Unsched Status Status options on the Edit Recall window. Abbreviation must be 7 characters or less. Changes affect all patients.
Regions Region options used for Clinics and when filtering the Insurance Verification List.
Supply Categories Category options when ordering Supplies. The category at the top of the list is the default.
Task Priorities Priority options when creating Tasks, and priority box color. The priority marked "D" is the default.
Treat' Plan Priorities Priority options when entering a Procedure or Entering Treatment, and priority text color in the Progress Notes. Priority options can be simple numbers or descriptive abbreviations 7 letters or less. Changes affect all procedures where the definition is used.
Web Sched New Patient Appt Types Controls the list of items that show as 'Reasons for Appointment' when using Web Sched New Patient.



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