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Using Data in Other Programs  

You can use the data in your database in a number of ways.

You can Export a report or a query as a text file or as an Excel spreadsheet file.

Letter Merge
You can use our built-in Letter Merge features, or you can create your own letter merges from data you already exported.

ODBC Connection
ODBC connects you real-time to the raw data. This would be very advanced. You might use this from Access for very customized reports combining data from multiple tables.

OpenOffice.org is the open source alternative to Microsoft Office. It includes a word processor and a spreadsheet as well as other tools. We have found it to be an acceptable alternative. If you want to have a copy on every computer, you will find the cost savings substantial over Microsoft. The following sections address using data in OpenOffice either from a text file or through an ODBC connection: Form Letter, Spreadsheet.

See Mail Merge in Word and Excel Spreadsheet.


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