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Clinics Security: Associate/Restrict Users (version 15.4 and earlier)

For Clinic security, users can be associated with and/or restricted to a clinic.

  • If a user is associated with a clinic, that clinic will be the default when the user is logged on.  Specifically it will affect the default interface in Main Menu, Clinics, and the default clinic on the Select Patient window and for new patients.  
  • If a user is restricted to a clinic, when they are logged on, that clinic will be the only Open Dental interface they can view. They will also be allowed to access certain features for their clinic only:
    • Only view and access patients associated with their allowed clinic (Select Patient window).

To associate or restrict a user:

  1. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Security
  2. Double click on the User.
  3. To associate the user with a clinic, highlight the clinic in the Clinic dropdown. You can only select one option. 
    • If you select 'all', headquarters will be the default interface (Main Menu, Clinics) and the default clinic for new patients when this user is logged in will be 'none'.
    • If you select a specific clinic, it will be the default interface and the default clinic for new patients when this user is logged in.
  4. To restrict users to a clinic, select the 'Restrict select patient window search to this clinic'.  The user will only be allowed to perform certain functions for this clinic. See above for a list of all restrictions.
  5. Click OK to save.


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