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Clinics: E-claims and Clearinghouses

Starting in version 15.4, you can enter clearinghouse credentials for each Clinic. When a clinic's claims are sent, the clinic-level overrides will be used automatically. See Clinic Clearinghouse Setup to enter clinic overrides.

To ensure claims are always credited to the correct clinic, follow these guidelines.

  1. Make sure each Procedure is assigned to the correct clinic when it is completed.  To make it easier, assign clinics to specific Operatories, and place Appointments in those operatories so the correct clinic will be assigned by default.
  2. When the Claim is created, it is automatically assigned a clinic based on the attached procedures, and this cannot be changed.  If the wrong clinic gets attached to a claim, delete the claim, change all the procedures, then recreate the claim. 

Prior to version 15.4, to use different clearinghouse accounts you have to set up a clearinghouse entry for each clinic, then, on the Insurance Claims window, filter the claims by clinic, then select the correct clearinghouse. This is known to work with ClaimConnect

Other Resources
See the bottom of Address on Claims regarding service address.
See also Multiple Locations support.


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