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Assigning Clinics (version 15.4 and earlier)

Once Clinics are turned on and set up, you can assign them. Default clinics can be assigned to users, operatories and patients, which then affect defaults for appointments, procedures, claims, claim payments, patient payments, deposits and adjustments.

To associate or restrict users to clinics, see Clinic Security: Associate/Restrict Users

Patients:  It is very important that all Patients have a clinic assigned.  The most important table associated with clinics is the patient table. 

  • New patients:  When you create a new patient, the default clinic is based on the clinic selected in the Main Menu, Clinics.  If 'Headquarters' is selected, 'Unassigned' is the default. If adding a patient to an existing family, the clinic of the family is the default.
  • Existing Patients:  Each Patient Payment and Claim Payment defaults to the clinic assigned to the patient on the Edit Patient Information window. If a patient does not have a clinic assigned, then payments and Adjustments will default to the wrong clinic. Most objects will be assigned based on the appointment/operatory (see below), but patient payments and adjustments will not.  It's easy to change, but important to be aware of.  

Circumstances when default clinics are NOT set for new patients:

  • Prior to version 12.1, there was no way to assign a user to a default clinic, thus no way to set a default clinic for new patients.
  • During HL7 import from eCW, clinics will not be set for new patients. 
  • If Open Dental was used initially without the Clinic feature turned on, clinics.  In this case, all patients that existed before turning on clinics will have no clinic (ClinicNum of 0).  You will have to manually assign them.  All new patients will use the defaults.

Find patients with no clinic:  Run the Database Maintenance tool and check results for PatientsNoClinicSet. If patient's are found, then manually assign clinics.  If needed, contact Conversions for a service to associate patients, procedures, payments, etc. with clinics.

Operatories:  If an operatory has a clinic set, all appointments scheduled in that operatory are automatically assigned that clinic.  If an operatory has no clinic, the appointments will be assigned the patient's clinic (Edit Patient Information window). 

Appointments:  If an appointment is assigned a clinic, all procedures attached to the appointment are also automatically assigned that clinic.

Deposit Slips:  At the end of the day, separate Deposit Slip can be printed for each clinic.

Filtering by Clinic
When you see the Clinic dropdown, the options available vary depending on security settings of the logged-on user and the action being taken.  Below are some general guidelines:

  • Clinic names that show depend on whether the logged-on user is associated with, or restricted to, a clinic. 
    • If associated with a clinic, that clinic will be the default option, but all other clinics can also be chosen. 
    • If restricted to a clinic, only that clinic will be the option.
  • Unassigned means there is no clinic assigned to a patient. Or, if used as a filter option (e.g. for reports) includes all patients who have not been assigned to a specific clinic.
  • none means there is no clinic assigned (e.g. to payments, procedures, adjustments).
  • All means all clinics the user has access to
  • Headquarters is the default interface option (accessible via the Main Menu, Clinics) for employees who are not assigned to a clinic in Security. In Schedule Setup and Time Card Manage, selecting Headquarters will filter the results to employees not assigned a clinic. 


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