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Tracking an Outstanding ERA

If a claim on an Electronic EOB (ERA) has special circumstances, you can add the claim to the Outstanding Insurance Claims Report with a custom tracking status and error code.

  1. In the Manage module, click ERAs.
  2. Double click the ERA with the problem claim.
  3. In the Claims Paid grid, right click the claim and select Add Tracking Status.
    Note: If a matching claim is not found, you will be asked to manually locate it. See Matching Claims and ERAs.

  1. Select the Custom Track Status. To add or edit Tracking Statuses, see Definitions: Claim Custom Tracking.
  2. Select the Error Code. To add or edit Error Codes, see Definitions: Claim Error Code.
  3. Add any related notes.
  4. Click Update.

The claim will now appear on the Outstanding Insurance Claims report and will be detached from the ERA.


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