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Create Batch Claims

Using the Procedures Not Billed to Insurance report, you can automatically create multiple claims for insured patients who have procedures that are not yet billed.

  1. In the Manage module, click Send Claims, then Procs Not Billed, or in the Main Menu, click Reports, Standard, Procedures Not Billed to Insurance.

All insured patients with unbilled procedures that meet the filter criteria will list.

  1. Change the filter criteria as needed, then click Refresh to update the list.
    Defaults to today's date. To change, click a down arrow, then select the report start date in the first calendar and the end date in the second calendar. To close the calendars, click an up arrow again or Refresh.
    Clinics: If using Clinics, highlight the clinics to include. Click All to select all clinics or press Ctrl while clicking to select multiple. Click Refresh to update the list.
    Include Medical Procedures: By default the report will only include procedures for patients who have dental insurance plans. To also include procedures for patients who have medical insurance, check this box.
  2. Check or uncheck Automatically Group Procedures. This checkbox is used when creating claims from this window. If checked and procedures for a patient have different clinics or place of service, claims for each clinic/place of service will be created. If unchecked, you will be blocked from creating claims when patient procedures have different clinic/place of service.
  3. Highlight the procedures to create a claim for, then click New Claims.
    A message will indicate the number of claims that may be created.

Click OK to proceed. Another message will indicate the number of claims created. Click OK to close.

Click OK to close.

To send or print the new claims, see Managing Insurance Claims.
For Canada, a maximum of seven procedures can exist per claim. If there are more procedures, multiple claims will be created.


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