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Manage ERAs

Once ERAs are downloaded to the Report Path, they can be managed and processed in Open Dental.


  • ERAs can by automatically downloaded to the report path for some clearinghouses. For others, ERAs must be manually downloaded to the report path. See Clearinghouse Setup.
  • User must have permission for Insurance Payment Create to access ERA’s.

In the Manage Module, click ERAs.

By default, ERAs received in the last 7 days that have a status of unprocessed, partial, or not finalized will list.
If more than one patient is associated with an ERA, the number of claims on ERA shows in the Patient Name column instead of name.

Filter Options: Click Refresh to update the list.

  • From/To: Change the date range. Click the down arrow to select dates from a calendar then click the up arrow to collapse the calendar. Click the W buttons to jump back or forward one week. 
  • Amount Range: Only show ERAs within a certain payment amount range. Min = the minimum payment amount to show. Max: the maximum payment amount to show. Leave blank to show all ERAs regardless of payment amount.
  • Carrier: Filter by carrier.
  • Check#or EFT Trace#: Only show ERAs for a specific check number or EFT trace #
  • Clinic: If using Clinics, filter by clinic. If ERA has more than one clinic, 'multiple' will show.
  • Status: Filter by ERA processing status:
    - Unprocessed: ERAs that have not been processed at all (no claims are received).
    - Partial: ERAs with some claims that are received, and others that are not.
    - NotFinalized: ERAs with claims that are received, but still need finalized.
    - Finalized: ERAs with a finalized payment.

Note: ERAs can also be viewed and processed via the Insurance Claims window, History grid.


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