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Bridge - Apteryx 

Apteryx is an imaging program. See Apteryx Website.

This bridge is also used for:

Apex Sensors
Belmont XV
Dr. Suni/Prof Suni
DDS Works
DentiMax Advanced

Image XL

QSI Image
Sigma Image XRV
XL Dent

To activate the bridge:

  1. In the main menu click Setup, Program Links.
  2. Double click on Apteryx in the list.
  3. Check the Enabled box, verify the Path of file to open, then check the command line argument and Additional Properties. 
  4. Click OK. You will now have a button in your Chart module labeled 'Apteryx'.

If you call Apteryx for instructions on bridging, they might recommend the "Name Grabber" utility which they created. But we discourage the use of the Name Grabber with Open Dental. Some other practice management software such as Dentrix do not provide built-in bridges like Open Dental does. So Apteryx was forced to create the Name Grabber as a workaround. It works by grabbing the text in the title bar of the practice management program and trying to extract the patient name from that text. This can be an obvious problem if there are patients with duplicate names, or if a patient changes their name. A better way of bridging is to use a unique patient id. This is what our built-in bridge does. It passes the name, ssn, birthdate, gender, and patient id to Apteryx using a command line interface. Apteryx uses the patient id to look up the specific patient.

However, there is one advantage of using the NameGrabber. If you already have a large number of patients stored in Apteryx, then using patient id's might be impractical. The Name Grabber can get you up and running quickly. Just keep in mind that there will be a patient id mismatch between the two software programs, and that this might eventually become problematic. You might have to eventually change the patient id's in Apteryx to match those in Open Dental.  You might have to do this manually, or Apteryx might be able to do a "conversion" for you.

Here is an interesting link to the DataDrill history: http://www.apteryxware.com/productversions/Version_XrayVision_DD_OpenDental.html

Enterprises will want to use XV Sync to keep their clinic databases (image folders) synched.  http://www.apteryx.com/xv-sync

Setting up a Second Apteryx Bridge
To set up two bridges (e.g. if using two imaging databases):

  1. On the Program Links window, click Add to create a new bridge.
  2. Enter the Apteryx information as indicated above, except enter this command line argument instead:
    /p"[LName], [FName]::::[PatNum]::::"

    Or to use chart number instead of patient number, enter this as the command line argument:
    /p"[LName], [FName]::::[ChartNumber]::::"

There is no way to send patient SSN, Birthdate, or Gender in the second bridge.


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