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Bridge - Patterson Imaging 

Patterson is an imaging software. Website: https://www.pattersondental.com/

Our bridge only works with Patterson Imaging version 15 or newer.

Note: Patterson appears to have stopped selling their standalone imaging software (Patterson Imaging) as a product that can be used by dentists transitioning from Patterson Eaglesoft Digital Integration to other Practice Management software, like Open Dental. *See details below.

To activate the bridge:

  1. In the main menu click Setup, Program Links. Double click on 'Patterson Imaging from Patterson Dental Supply Inc.'.
  2. Check the Enabled box.
  3. Verify the Path of file to open.
  4. Double click on a row in Additional Properties to change settings. Enter correct imaging.ini path.
  5. Set up a clickable bridge button.
    1. Under 'Add a button to these toolbars', highlight where to display the button.
    2. Enter the 'Text on button'.
    3. (Optional) Import an image to show on the button (22 x 22 pixels).
  6. Click OK.

.Technical Details

  • The bridge matches patients based on SSN. If SSN is not present, then it matches on FirstName, LastName, BirthDate.
  • If no patient is found matching those criteria, then it creates a new patient in Patterson Imaging. 
  • Before version 12.2.6, the patient middle initial and preferred name were sent when bridging. This was sometimes a problem because, if the middle initial or preferred name were later changed in Open Dental, then Patterson would interpret this as a new patient the next time the bridge was used. Patterson would then create a new patient. So we no longer send this information.
  • The Path of file to open can vary depending on where the .exe is stored on your computer. It may be C:\Patterson Imaging\Shared Files\Imaging.exe

*RE: Patterson Imaging:
We have posted information about Patterson Imaging availability because there may be fewer options for dentists moving from Patterson Eaglesoft with integrated imaging. We want our customers to know this before leaving Patterson Eaglesoft, as they may need to switch to another imaging solution if they do so.

As of 01/22/2018, we have been told that Apteryx, XDR, and Sirona are capable of converting the Patterson Eaglesoft Digital Integration x-rays to their digital software for a fee.

On 3/8/2017, a Patterson representative from the Patterson Technology Center told Open Dental that new Patterson Imaging licenses are no longer available for sale from Patterson and that this had been true since 2/17/2017. We contacted Patterson because multiple customers (Open Dental customers in common with Patterson) called us and told us Patterson was telling them that switching from Patterson Eaglesoft Practice Management software to Open Dental would mean they would not be able to access the images through a new Patterson Imaging installation. We were further told by Patterson that dentists may purchase an existing Patterson Imaging license from another dentist, but even then, Patterson will no longer assist in pointing Patterson Imaging at a database created with Patterson Eaglesoft Digital Integration.

If you have additional or new information, please let us know. If you believe that it is possible to get a new license for Patterson Imaging, please let us know so that we can advise our customers how to do so.


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