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Bridge - Mountainside

Mountainside Software is a medical practice management software.  Open Dental can provide dental capabilities for Mountainside customers. 

To set up the bridge, in the Main Menu, click Setup, Program Links. Double click on Mountainside in the list.

Check the Enabled box, and set the HL7 folder similar to the one shown above.  The path will be relative to the server computer, NOT the workstation you are on.  You will also need to go to the HL7 page and follow the instructions to install the OpenDentalHL7 service on your server.

Any patients that are added or changed in Mountainside are automatically synched in Open Dental.  Users should make changes to demographics in Mountainside rather than in OD, because their changes might otherwise be overwritten later by the synch process.  There must be a primary key used to uniquely identify patients in both systems.  Because Open Dental users do not have any control over the PatNum, the ChartNumber is instead used.  As patients are added or changed in Mountainside, Open Dental will attempt to fill in the ChartNumber field of existing patients to match the internal patient ID from Mountainside.  Once the ChartNumber field has been set in OD, it allows straightforward future synchronization.


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