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Bridge - ClioSoft / SOTA Imaging 

ClioSoft/SOTA is imaging software. See SOTA Imaging Website.

To activate the bridge:

  1. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Program Links.
  2. Double click on ClioSoft in the list.
  3. Check the Enabled box, then verify the Path of file to open and Additional Properties. 
  4. Click OK. You will now have a button in your Chart module labeled 'ClioSoft'.

Technical Data
This data is provided for troubleshooting purposes.

For the ClioSoft bridge to work, the patient must have a non-blank first name, last name, and an identifier.  Since last name is always required in Open Dental, the only situations where the bridge will not work is when the patient first name is blank or if the "Enter 0 to use PatientNum, or 1 to use ChartNum" property is set to 1 for ChartNum and the patient has no chart number.  Birth dates are always sent in MM/dd/yyyy format, but will only be sent over in the bridge if the birth date is after year 1880 (to prevent blank birth dates from being sent).  Finally, the patient SSN is always sent to ClioSoft even if the SSN is blank.


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