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Set up a General Message

The billing General Message is a statement note generated via the Bills list. The message will populate the statement note above Dunning Messages. This can be a one time message that will go out on a batch of statements or can be set as a default message assigned to a clinic that will be used every time statements are generated. Just like dunning messages, general messages will not appear on statement notes printed from the Account module.

To set up a general message to statements:

  1. In the Manage module, click Billing.
    Note: General messages can only be created from the Billing Options window. If the Bills list opens, finish billing or delete the list and go back into Manage module, Billing, to open the Billing Options window.

  1. From the Billing Options window, use the Clinic drop down to select the clinic to apply the message to then enter the message text in the General Message field.
    • Use the [InstallmentPlanTerms] variable to show installment plan terms for patients with installment plans.
    • There is a 500 character limit (including the installment plan terms if used).
  2. Save the message for all future batch statements, click Save As Default. Otherwise, the message will only appear this one time.
    You can also save the message under Billing Defaults. With the clinic selected, click the Default button to open the Billing Defaults window then enter the message text in the General Message field.

To use the clinic assigned general message when doing billing for all clinics, check Use clinic default billing options in the Billing Options window before creating the Bills list. If this is not checked, the default practice/unassigned general message will be used.



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