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Set up Auto Note Prompts 

When Setting up Auto Notes, prompts offer users a selection of options or give the ability to enter text. The list of available prompts lists on the Auto Note Edit window. 

  1. Click Add or double click an existing prompt to edit.

  1. Enter the prompt information:
    • Description:  Identifying name of the prompt.
    • Prompt text: The text that will indicate what information is requested. There is a 50 character limit. Prompts longer than 50 characters can be entered in the Text field of the Auto Note Edit window.
    • Type: There are three types of prompts:  
      • OneResponse: User can select one option from a list of options. 
      • MultiResponse: User can select many options from a list of options.
      • Text: User can enter free-form text. 
    • Possible responses: For 'OneReponse' or 'MultiResponse' types only. Enter one response option per row.
    • Default Text: For 'Text' types only. The default text that will show as the response. May leave blank. Use will be able to edit as needed. 
    • Up/Down: Quickly reorder the list. Click an item then click up or down.
  2. Click OK to save.


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